From Our Family To Yours

We started in 2016 as a sister duo when we decided to start making custom items for our friends and family. With such positive responses to our designs, we wanted to spread the love with a little bit of glitter to everyone!

In 2020, we had the most incredible year from many amazing events to auditioning for Dragons Den and finally creating our dream Mobile Boutique! The amount of love and support we have had, and the amazing friendships we have made is beyond words.

We have participated in many markets & events including the Baby Show in Toronto and other events steaming from the Niagara Region all the way up to Simcoe County. We have been in over 10+ retail stores within the GTA & Durham Region (Currently in: Markets Ontario in Bowmanville) and this coming year in 2023, we plan to attend a handful of events where we will be building our brand with more custom created pieces & showcasing our Mobile Boutique in action! None of this would be possible without each and every one of you, and for that, we are forever grateful!

In 2022 we were voted the Gold Winners in Best of Boutiques, and Silver Winners in Best of Gift Shops voted from Community Votes in Newmarket. We are so grateful to be apart of such a supportive community & these awards shine proudly in our office to remind us everyday of how amazing this journey is.

I, Natasha (Owner/Creator) am a full time mom to two beautiful girls, I have since left my career as a law clerk position to continue GG Apparel full time. My sister, Ashley is raising two little ones and works full time as an administrative clerk in a hospital located in the GTA who helps me out when she can. Both with growing families and busy jobs, we couldn’t be happier to get to know every single one of your families and put our creative passion into your home. We can't wait to customize your life's moments!

Thank you for shopping at GlitterGlamm Apparel & Co.

The official home of your favorite Diamond MAMA™ design!

(Mobile Boutique Launch July 24, 2021)

(image from August 2020 - our first market in Newmarket, ON)