As you may have seen we are currently in the works of moving to a new central location, which we have not officially announced as of yet - we will be moving to 15210 Yonge Street in Aurora, as the retail section of The Royal Rose Art Gallery. As we are moving to a new and more exciting location, we are now able to offer several membership levels for our new retail store. They range in price from $65 to $350 per month. 

Our membership options are as follows:

MONTH TO MONTH TERM PRICING - all pricing subject to HST

*All new members must commit to 3 months to start. After the initial 3 months, the membership commitment reverts to month-to-month.

You will receive 100% of your commissions. No additional fees will be taken. What does this mean? Unlike other retail spaces that take a commission on top of your monthly payments, we do not.

45 days notice written notice via email is required if vendors wish to cancel their membership. You will receive an official end date for when your items will be packaged up for your pickup.

Membership fees are paid on a monthly basis, in advance. For example: the membership fees for June are due at the end of May. Vendors will receive their fee invoice several days before the end of the month and must pay their invoice before the final day of the month. A late fee of $5 per day will be charged on outstanding invoices.

Other Info:

How much space exactly will I get?

Each membership level has a different square footage. Each space is tailored to the type of product you have. A space for one vendor may look a little different than another. We like to showcase the items around the space like any retail space that you would walk into. Like items may be showcased together to make it easier on the consumer eyes as they walk in looking for specific types of items. Example: items for children may be close together, while bath and cosmetics may be close together. Keeping items together that are relative will increase the purchases as the consumer can envision more than just the single item in their home, or for a gift.

With this explained, the space for each membership is based off of size of products and how much space they need for set up to best compliment their items. The more product you’d like to showcase, the bigger the space you will require.

Petite Space is approximately
1ft by 1ft space

This is idea for smaller items such as buttons, stickers, cards, or smaller items that do not take a lot of space to showcase well.

Small Space is approximately the
size of 1ft x 2ft shelf space

Great option for an entry level vendor just starting out in retail with small/medium size items.

Medium Space is approximately
2 shelves in size

Perfect spacing for most items to be showcased well with variety.

Large space is approximately
3-4 shelves in size

Larger items that are tall or take up a larger amount of space to showcase.


No restrictions within the space on how or where your items are placed.


When will I hear back once I apply?

We do our absolute best to get back to everyone. However, due to the high volume of applications that we process, we unfortunately cannot guarantee that everyone will receive a reply or a spot.  We limit competition between the makers in our space.  This means that our application acceptance process can take longer than most store similar to ours. This process can take weeks depending on volume.  We spend a great deal of time carefully considering each and every applicant. We do our best to get back to as many makers as possible as quickly as possible. We always keep your application in file so when a spot does open up, you will be contacted to see if you were still interested in taking the space in our Showroom. If not, we will move on to the next Vendor in line.

All accepted makers will be contacted via email. Please check your junk mail folder as sometimes the information can go into there. We will require a few items from you on acceptance, such as your business logo in high quality so we can display it within the Showroom for customers to see.

Why do you use square footage to note the space?

Every maker does something different!  We do not want to be stuck offering a 2x3 or 4x5 foot space when those dimensions do not work for every artisan.  This way we can be more flexible for everyone!

Can I come see the space before I sign up?

Absolutely! During the month of January we will be renovating and moving our space from our current Allaura Blvd. address to our new location at Yonge and Wellington. If you get a chance, you should definitely go into The Royal Rose Gallery and check it out! 

How do I move in?

We send a welcome package to all accepted vendors that will include more information on how and where to drop off your items. Because we will be between spaces, I will coordinate with you an exact time and place to drop off your items so that we do not miss each other!

How do I keep track of my inventory information?

You are welcome to provide a list of items you are bringing, when you drop off your products. However, it is the responsibility of the Vendor to keep track of items that have sold and when items are needed for restock. If you send us a message I will be able to provide to you photos of items you have left showcased in the Showroom, and every payout I do send a tally of what items were sold for you to cross reference on your end.

Restock times?

Once you have moved in, you can restock any time we are open.

Do I need to commit to several months?

We ask all new makers to initially commit to three months with us, then offer month to month after that.  We require 45 days notice if you decide to leave.  We will not process move outs from November 1st- Dec 31st.

Thank you for your interest in joining our team! We are very excited for the next steps in our new location and know in high traffic area, we will have many fun events and experiences ahead!

Natasha + The GlitterGlamm Team